Our story

Our story

The Kagisano Foundation was founded in 2015 by Koketso Lediga, a female lawyer and author, and two of her friends with the mission of empowering learners from townships in South Africa to ensure that they have a bright future.  Our founder has always envisioned herself living in a world where everyone reads for fun and enjoyment. She attests that she has always been a bookworm and reading actually gave her comfort and excitement  that no human being can offer. Through reading she managed to live in a world where the word “impossible” does not exist. It was only in her early twenties that she realised that not only so some people read for fun, some cannot read at all. Kagisano Foundation started from humble beginnings where its reach was limited to a few matric learners in two schools in Atteridgeville and they were helped with applications for university, FET colleges and learners. This these early times, the report cards of the learners led to the realisation that intervention for these learners is township schools is needed at a much earlier stage. This realisation gave birth to projects that targets learners in their formative years.

Our projects

We have three projects:

  1. The recently launched  Mobile Reading Lab. This project came into being following the merging of our mission and the need for computer literate individuals in this ever changing modern world. We provide each grade one learners from two schools in Atteridgeville  with access to a laptop and a reading programme called Reading Eggs. We basically teach them how to read online. The intention is to have “mobile reading lab” travel to the learners in their respective classrooms. The main aim of the mobile reading lab is to improve the reading skills of all grade one learners together with their computer skills.
  2. We host applications days once a month for matric learners. We send open invitation to matric learners in Atteridgeville to come to a venue where they are assisted, individually, with determining which degrees, diplomas, short courses or learnerships they qualify for and the filling out of the actual application. We also help them edit and finalise their CVs and motivation letters.
  3. We host reading sessions at orphanages and primary school and help establish reading clubs in primary schools.

Another project that forms part of our services portfolio is the reading club. It’s an environment where learners can interact with each other and teachers and make the reading process fun. Book clubs create lifelong readers.

We don’t only accept financial help!

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers include:
Kagiso Lediga, Katlego Lediga, Koketso Kekana, Koketso Lediga,
Ndinaye, Refilwe Lechaba, Tebogo Sibiya

There are volunteering opportunities as well. You can choose the extent of your involvement. There are numerous benefits attached to being a volunteer in our organisation. A few of them include:

(i) Making a difference in the lives of young learners;
(ii) meeting new people and exposure to a variety of  fields;
(iii) bolstering your CV.